Monday, August 25, 2014

Level Proposal: Platformer: Contraption Chaos

 In Contraption Chaos you play as a world renowned robot engineer. You've just finished your latest masterpiece, a robot that will efficiently and safely construct any type of building.. But something goes horribly wrong! Your robot malfunctions, and begins constructing random and ill conceived structures all over your pristine laboratory! You must deactivate your out of control creation, but to do so you will need to reach him via the crazy obstacles and platforms he has put in place. The concept and the twist in my game are very closely tied together.

 The conflict is as I mentioned before the need to turn off the malfunctioning robot, and the twist is that it's the protagonists own creation. 

The entire game will take place inside a massive laboratory/factory type building. Think Dexter's Lab. Even though my game will take place entirely in an interior so the outside elements are irrelevant, let's say it's winter. The game will take place during afternoon, as while there is conflict I'd like it to remain somewhat comical and lighthearted and I believe afternoon lighting will contribute to this vibe. The only other occupants aside from the engineer and the malfunctioning bot will be his other creations. The engineer prefers AI to humans. 

The architecture will be somewhat stylized and cartoony but probably very geometric as it will be taking place in a laboratory/factory. Some of the platforming pieces will include robot parts, as the bot would be using whatever material it found around it to build. Again, I'd like the architecture to conjure a 90s cartoon vibe, so Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, The Power Puff Girls, Dexter's lab, and Samurai Jack will all be big reference points for me. 

Here are some images from Dexter's Lab for reference to the style I'm leaning towards.

And here's my layout for what would be the tutorial level of Contraption Chaos:

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