Tuesday, November 11, 2014

DFA: Boss: First Designs

 Our next project in DFA is designing a Boss character. Next semester we'll be modeling and rigging these, but for now our assignment is just to create the character.

Our first step was to generate 20 thumbnails, I'm really terrible at thumbnails, which is obvious but it was helpful to just jot some quick ideas down

. Second, we were to generate 5 rough sketches based on the initial 20 thumbnails. After a small class critique we picked the drawing we would pursue as our boss character.  My first design is a straightforward vampire/creature boss lady, second was my favorite and the favorite of my classmates. She would be a boss for a rhythm game, and is based loosely on the hindu goddess Lakshmi, but an urban interpretation as a mystical DJ, third I was thinking of as the keeper of limbo, fourth is my interpretation of the Mayan goddess Coatlicue, and 5th is my interpretation of Poseidon, the last two would fit into god of war style games.

 And here's the reference sheet I put together for DJ Lakshmi

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