Monday, November 24, 2014

Dwarven Jewel Crafting Workshop: Particles

For our workshop we're required to include at least one particle system. I've only ever created one other particle system before and it wasn't really my favorite thing to do in the world. I'm happy to say I'm having a lot more fun learning particles for this particular assignment. I'm creating a fire system, which obviously isn't the most unique system in the world.. But it's been helpful I think to learn particles in general.

My system is very far from good right now, but it functions as a supplement to the workshop itself. I doubt I'll be taking very close up screenshots of the actual system, but I'd still like to refine it further eventually. Not sure if I'll make that happen by the project deadline, but maybe when I have some free time to polish up the level. 

Here's a shot of my system in the in-progress level. Right now I'm just using tiling textures, eventually I'll likely create a sub uv material for the flames.

I looked at the fire in the effects cave to build the embers and heat wave effect, but I followed this basic tutorial for the actual flames:

My process was basically observing, messing around with numbers in Cascade, and following that tutorial linked above.

When I get more in depth with this system I'll probably follow this tutorial as it's really in depth.

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