Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pre Production Pitch 1: Hype

This semester is our semester of preproduction for our senior thesis. So we pitch 10 basic concepts for games and then choose two to refine further. For our first concept my teammate and I chose a game called "Hype". 

Hype is a hip hop inspired parkour game set in a futuristic dystopian city on an alien planet that was build rather haphazardly over top of a sprawling alien catacomb. Someone discovers that the DNA in the alien remains inside of these catacombs contains a drug that can do some pretty crazy stuff. Access to the drug and catacombs become illegal and you start the game as a low ranking member of the cartel, your job is to harvest and deliver the drug.

Here's our full pitch for the concept:

 And here's some of the art I created for the concept