Saturday, September 17, 2016

Senior Project/Alien Catacomb/Zbrush Tutorial

As I was doing some maintenance on this blog I realized with the whirlwind that was graduation and starting my job at Hasbro I never posted my final senior year project. We didn't have much time for this project so I kept the environment pretty bare bones. I took one of the environments I had conceptualized in preproduction for the thesis pitch that didn't get chosen and used that as vague inspiration for this environment. I decided I wanted to learn Unity as part of the "learning outcome" portion of the assignment, so this was actually composed/lit/etc in Unity, which was surprisingly easy to learn coming from a background in UE4. Here's the final result, I had a lot of fun with it and tried to keep the assets within a fairly low scope.

Alien Catacombs

Also, part of the assignment was making a step by step tutorial. I decided to do my tutorial on my process for organic sculpting in Zbrush. Just in the last few months at Hasbro I've learned so much in Zbrush that this tutorial seems even more pedestrian than when I was making it. But if you'd like to know my process anyways, here's how I went about sculpting my assets for this environment: