Thursday, September 5, 2013

3D First Level Concept Pitch

For our first assignment in 3D animation for game design we were asked to come up with individual concepts for a 3D environment. The idea was that everyone would pitch their idea to the class and then the class would vote, and the winner's idea would be the concept that everyone worked on as a team. My concept theorized what a library inside of Limbo, the metaphysical space between heaven and hell would look. I was inspired a lot by the paintings of Zdzislaw Beksinski and Roman Catholic architecture. My idea actually ended up being chosen as winner.

Winning feels good, and it's exciting to work on my own concept but winning also means that I am to fulfill somewhat of an art director role within the process of actually making the level. At first the idea of art directing a class of people who are bummed out about their own ideas not being chosen and have never been art directed before stressed me out, but so far it seems to be going all right. I haven't crashed and burned yet.. But I guess there's still time for that.

Anyways, here are the slides that I included in my power point for the pitch and some of my other concept sketches.

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