Thursday, October 10, 2013

First draft Rules

Army of Minions

Only the most maniacal will conquer!

Sarah Lynn Reynolds
20 minutes, 2-4 Players
Goal: To Score the most points by the end of the game

You are an evil super villain trying to build your army of minions in order to conquer the world. But other super villains have heard the news and are building armies of their own. Who will conquer their peers and ultimately the world?
Game Components
-Board for drawing cards
-Board for Keeping score
-Minion Cards
-Power Markers
-Money cards
-Player score markers
-Printing Instructions
Setting up the game
The player with the most recent death of a pet goes first.
Each player starts with 4 “money” cards and all of their own colored score markers.
Money Cards are shuffled and 5 are drawn from the top of the deck and placed face up in the bank. The remaining money cards stay face down in the deck next to the face up cards. When a player draws from the 5 face up cards, they must fill the spot of the card they took with cards from the top of the face down draw pile.
Minion cards are set up in the same way in their own “bank”.
Players place their score markers on number 1 of the score board.
Turn Order
Players can take one action every turn
Action 1: Drawing Money Cards
You may draw 2 cards per turn either from the face up pile or the random pile. Or one from each.
Action 2: Fight!
A player may instigate a fight as their turn action. Both the challenger and the challenged player choose randomly from each others hand to pick who fights who. (Have players shuffle their hand before doing this so that people can’t just choose the last card they pulled) The minion with the highest value wins. The winning minion is placed face up in the player’s army, while the losing minion must be discarded. Cards already in a player’s army face up on the table may not be challenged. Only cards in player’s hand can be challenged.
Action 3: Buy A Minion
Each minion card has a value between 1 and 6 and a color of either red, green, blue, violet, black, grey, orange. Players can purchase a minion when the have the corresponding color and amount of cards indicated on a particular minion card. They may only purchase minions that are face up on the table. When a minion is purchased a card from the top of the draw pile replaces it.

Action 4: Add a Minion to your army
Minions are not officially in a players army until they are played face up on the table. Thus, at the end of the game minions in your hand are not added up for point value. Only the minions on the table are added to a player’s score. For this action a player simply places one of their minion cards on the table in front of them to add to their army. When they add a minion card to their army they compare the card’s value to the point scale and move their score marker the number of points indicated on the scale.
Check for Victory

-The game ends when a player has two or less power markers left.
-Each player takes a final turn, ending on the person who ended the game.
-Player with the most fight wins gets a 10 point bonus
-Player with the most minions gets a 10 point bonus
-Scores are counted
-Player with the most overall points wins the game.
End of turn

-Replace minion and money cards if drawn
-Move score marker if points were scored during turn
-Make sure everyone has enough power markers left to continue the game
-Play passes to the left

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