Wednesday, February 26, 2014

History Of Game Art

Here's the textbook we're assigned to read each week for class.

History of Game Art is an interesting class. It sort of combines the history of video games, concept generation for games, and game analysis all into one. Video games are such a new form of technology that I don't think we've really explored the full potential of what can really be done with them. This video that my professor had us watch for class discusses thatt idea. It introduced a perspective on games that I hadn't even considered before. 

We also watched this talk given by Jesse Schell. Maybe it's bad that the ideas in this video really excite me, maybe it's all too much of the "big brother" thing but Jesse Schell projects an interesting future for game integration into our daily lives. I think in terms of video games we're either on the verge of a really exciting and interesting future, or a really obnoxious and invasive one 

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