Saturday, April 26, 2014

History Of Game Art and Design: Analysis of Half Life 2

I posted a group presentation I took part in for History of Game Art a few weeks back. Groups of 4-6 people picked a game and were assigned to make a presentation and 10 page paper analyzing that game. My group chose Half Life 2. The topics we had to analyze were: Story, mechanics, defining the game using terminology, gender issues, visual aesthetics, influences on the game, and popular media at the time of the game's release. My role in these projects included designing the slides and overall look of the powerpoint presentation, analyzing the terminology, symbolism, visuals, and organizing and editing the paper. 

I learned a lot from analyzing Half Life 2. I was impressed by how well thought out and meticulously planned the Half Life series is. I had no idea how revolutionary the Half Life series was in terms of story and technology at the time.

Here's my group's final paper!

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