Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Start of Junior Year + Summer break

It's the second day of my junior year at Ringling college of Art and Design. Over the summer I took three online courses, Earth Science, Introduction to Music History, and the most notable Web Development. The goal was to get a few liberal arts classes out of the way so I could spend more time on my game art work during the school year. Web Development was my favorite class as I got a good basic introduction to creating websites, html, and css.

The other notable thing I did this summer was work on a level with my classmate Mike Marra. The goal here was to get a better introduction to Unreal Engine 4, which we'll be using for the first time this semester, generate an interesting environment, and learn a few new techniques like texture baking. I didn't completely finish my level but I completed the goals I had in mind when I started out, and I like the idea of working on it whenever I have spare time.

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