Thursday, September 25, 2014

Toy Ideas

This week for game design we've been asked to concept 10 unique game concepts based off of a "toy". Think what the portal gun was to portal. 

Zombie Dog Hotel/Dog Whistle

My first idea is probably a little too complicated but I still think it would be a fun concept. The game type would likely work best as a sides-crolling platformer. It would be a spoof on the movie "Hotel for dogs". Except the dogs in the hotel have contracted something like the T-Virus, and when animal services come the kids rally their zombie dogs with a dog whistle and fight back. So, my toy in this case would be a dog whistle. 

The dog whistle would spawn one of three different types of dogs. The player would need to choose the appropriate dog to overcome a certain obstacle. For instance, one dog could just act as a static block to jump to higher ground. Another could charge forward eliminating enemies/obstacles.

Monster Lab/Matching Puzzle

Various monster parts including head, torso, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg scroll  (progressively faster) over the screen with a matching template on the side, Players must match up the parts to the monsters. Each level would require a certain amount of monsters be completed within the time limit to move on. Progressively harder obstacles could be: Speed, mismatching parts loses points or time.

Puzzle Maze

-Players must navigate a maze and activate the correct sequence of triggers either in the floor or walls that open the correct pathways. A fitting motif would be an ancient tomb. Or maybe a top secret sci-fi research facility that the player is sneaking into. Would likely work well as an isometric map.

UI/Board game Risk style game

Basic strategy game using UI fixed perspective and a map style layout. Similar to playing an online board game or something like Plague Inc

Flying Game

Fly through rings and collect multiple valued pick ups (Similar to the gummy ship mini-game in kingdom hearts) Could reuse UFO assets and make alien themed.

Teleportation Puzzle

 Player is confronted with a room of teleporters, which leads to yet another room of teleporters. The challenge is finding the right sequence as they must choose the correct path in order to reach their destination.

Water/Physics based mechanics

Areas that would otherwise be unreachable are reachable when the water in a room rises, allowing players to swim to their destination.


Physics element. Player would have to run fast over the physics volume or sink and be killed by a kill trigger at the bottom of the pit.

Spider Game

The world has been taken over by giant spiders. Certain webs can bounce players or trap them.

Rotating Platforms

Platforms that would correspond to 3 buttons that the player must press to line up in the correct order to form a bridge.

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