Monday, September 22, 2014

Modular Kit Greybox

Here's some quick shots of the greybox for the modular kit assignment that I'm currently working on with Mike Marra. The goal of this assignment is to create various constructs using one modular kit. Team work is allowed and Mike and I decided to work together. Mike created the bar kit, ceiling kit, rounded lighting cylinders, pipes, and windows, while I created the modular booth pieces, pillars, high top tables, high top chairs, and stair kit.

As I mentioned in the proposal post, the theme is retro futuristic. Mike is creating a diner while I'm creating a night club within the same universe. 

Main bar area, the back wall will be emissive.

The area with the round light fixtures will eventually have holographic go-go dancers.

Here's the "VIP" area. I'm not the best modeler, but I'm pretty happy with the way my booths  turned out. They're simplistic but probably the best thing I've ever modeled in maya.

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