Friday, July 24, 2015

Some sculpting for thesis

I've been working on some personal projects and modeling/uving my mod kit for war for a little while, but I'm sort of getting the generic pieces over with so that I have a base to build on if I want to get more detailed/complex.. None of that is very exciting. But I just began sculpting the base for our corpse kit. I've been focused a little more on the face, and not so much on the body yet but I'm happy with how it's coming along. I think he needs to be quite a bit thinner. Any crits would be really helpful if anyone is even looking at these process books at this point. 


Here's my original concept and some ref from walking dead I've been using for the decay around the mouth area/sunken in eyes. 


  1. Hi Sarah!

    Your sculpt isn't bad but the biggest thing is that the anatomical details are looking a bit mushy. Because his flesh is decaying the biggest thing that is going to sell this sculpt is having the underlying facial structure feel accurate. I think you're going too quickly into some of the details without working out the anatomy first. The brow bone looks too pinched in and the form of the eye socket doesn't seem to be wrapping around the form of the eyeball. You've made wrinkles to the sides of his nose, but if there were wrinkles there then the skin would bulge out to both sides of the wrinkles. His nasal cartilage isn't well defined, and the connection between the nose and brow seems off. If you look at his face from a side view it feels very flat, which is especially noticeable in the ear and its connection to the face. I would highly recommend looking up reference of very thin (maybe starved?) men in addition to your zombie reference. It also seems like you are sculpting mostly from a front view and I would spend some time looking at side view reference and sculpting from side and 3/4 angles. I think you are handling the flesh decay well and when you get to that point it will be believable but it will feel that much better if the anatomy its resting on is solid. Good luck, I think your thesis will be great!


    1. Hey, Noa! Thanks for the suggestions, definitely some great notes. I'll keep them in mind the next time I work on this sculpt.

      Thanks again!